Special Knurling Dies

Accu Trak Tool can manufacture almost any size and pitch of special knurling dies to suit any application and holder. We make knurling dies for all the common thread rolling attachments and holders. We can also make knurling dies to fit any of the thread rolling machines in use today. If you have a part that requires special dies, please call for best pricing and delivery.

Metric/Inch Conversions of Pitch
TPI = 25.4/Metric Pitch Metric Pitch = 25.4/TPI

0.3 mm 84.7
0.4 mm 63.5
0.5 mm 50.8
0.6 mm 42.3
0.8 mm 31.8
1.0 mm 25.4
1.2 mm 21.2
1.5 mm 16.9
1.6 mm 15.9
2.0 mm 12.7

In general, it is best to submit a drawing or sketch of the required die. If this is not practical however often times a drawing of the part or a majority of the following information for the Die will suffice in order to quote accurately.

  1. Ouside Diameter (knurl) 
  2. Overall Width of Die 
  3. Bore Size and tolerance 
  4. Shoulder dimensions 
  5. Knurl pattern and form 
  6. Knurl pitch (or #Teeth) 
  7. Tooth angle on die 
  8. Root or Crest Radii (or flats) 
  9. Holder to be used 
  10. Style of die 
  11. Blank diameter 
  12. # Teeth to be rolled. 
(unless otherwise specified, all tolerances will be Mfg. Std.)

Attachment Style Knurling